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Moist Fury

Genre: Action/Comedy

Status: Completed



Moist Fury

Tornspace Films has teamed up with Low Budget Pictures for this action comedy.


It's Death Wish meets Savage Streets in this over the top gooftastic 80's style revenge flick from Chris Seaver and Low Budget Pictures.


When the Crimson Queafs best fighter, Dewback, is killed off to even the playing field in the weekly girl gang bitch fights, the Queafs must take bloody revenge on the evil overlord Doom Blade and his Bitch gang the Roast Beefs, for murdering one of their own.


In the middle of all of this is the anguish filled nomad warrior known as Death Bone. He too has had something taken from him and is out to exact his own barnd of vengeance. The Queafs and Death Bone team up to take Doom Blade and his Bitches down for good.


Starring: Billy Garberina, Meredith Host, Desiree Saetia, Jesse Ames, Nicole Galrlash, Cassie Cuthbertson, and Lauren P. Seavage


Written and Directed by: Chris Seaver.


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