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Keith Parker - Tornspace Films - www.tornspacefilms.com

Keith Parker  Click for IMDB Profile

CEO/Director for Tornspace Films, LLC 


Keith was born and raised in Richmond, Indiana.  He graduated from Indiana University, earning a BA in computer science.  After graduation, he went to work in the computer industry but quickly realized it was not what he wanted to do.  Like his parents, he wanted to run his own business.  Because of their lifelong love of movies, he and his wife, Laura, began talking about taking the leap into filmmaking.


Throughout the years, Keith worked in the graphic design and layout department of his parents' print shop creating print marketing materials for various businesses.  When his parents announced their retirement, Keith took advantage of his sudden freedom and started pre-production on Tornspace Films' first feature, Shadow People.


As CEO of Tornspace Films, Keith is responsible for the overall management and direction of the company, projects, and running the studio.

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Laura Parker - Tornspace Films - www.tornspacefilms.com

Laura L. Parker  Click for IMDB Profile

CFO/Producer for Tornspace Films, LLC


Laura Parker grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas and moved to Indiana as a teenager. She graduated from Indiana University with a BS in general studies. After graduation, she moved from Bloomington back to Indianapolis and took a job at an IBM call center where she met her future husband, Keith.


From an early age, Laura was an avid writer. She wrote her first short story at 9 and finished her first novel at 15. It wasn't until she was with Keith, though, that she would consider taking storytelling to the next level: filmmaking.


As CFO of Tornspace Films, Laura's role is to manage the fiscal health of the studio and serve as writer and producer.  She relies heavily on her creativity, perseverance, and project management/organizational skills; she and Keith make a strong team because they complement each other in many ways.

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