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Mark Austin - Tornspace Films - www.tornspacefilms.comMark Austin  Click for IMDB Profile

Actor / Associate Producer


A lifelong student of the arts, Mark Austin graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Print Technology and Design with a minor in Fine Arts.  Born and raised in Anderson, Indiana, Mark has been featured in several local stage productions.  In addition to pursuing acting on stage and screen, Mark also enjoys painting and sculpting. 


He is looking forward to expanding his creativity by taking on the role of a producer.  As well as one day reprising his role as Mr. Martel from Shadow People.

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Kelly Scott Key - Tornspace Films - www.tornspacefilms.comKelly Scott Key Click for IMDB Profile

Music Composer


Kelly Key is a composer who lives in upstate New York.  After a chance inquiry, Kelly got the great opportunity to write a score for the sensational film 'Shadow People'-(2008)-Tornspace Films.


In 2008 he also wrote the score for a Thriller/Drama film by Michael Evanichko- 'Wicked Business'-Xcursion Films.  Kelly has written scores for several films by Everchanging Productions,San Diego,CA. Most notably: 'Golden Elliot' (2004), 'Boom' (2005).

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Shaun T. Millington - Tornspace Films - www.tornspacefilms.com

Shaun T. Millington  Click for IMDB Profile

Storyboard Artist & Concept Artist


Shaun was born in Salford and raised in a small town of Walkden, which is in the UK. He grew up watching many different films, but mostly action and science fiction movies. At a young age; he wanted to become an actor and work in the movie industry, but since schools never taught filmmaking and only taught drama plays and musicals, the idea slowly went away.

Later in life, Shaun enrolled at Salford College, he decided to try out Multimedia, which was a combination of Art, learning new computer programmes and something he never expected, or wanted to do, filmmaking, but after finally deciding to begin work on the film assignment, Shaun for the first time used a small handheld camera. After this he was hooked and fell in love with directing and filmmaking, he then knew what he wanted to do with his life.

After mostly some bad luck with trying to enroll in filmmaking courses and work experience, due to lack of portfolio and experience, Shaun started and completed a Computer games design course at the University of Bolton, earning a BSc. It is also during his days at university in which Shaun had his first production, outside of college films, which was to co-direct, shoot and edit a music video, called ‘New England’ for a friend who was once his old college teacher, named Chris Galbraith. The production went south from the only day of shooting available and never completed post-production, due to the bad weather whilst filming, eventually the production was axed.

Nearing the end of his university course, whilst browsing the internet for shadow people ghost sightings, Shaun accidently discovered a film poster and eventually the website for ‘Keith Parker’s Shadow People’ in which Shaun contacted and became friends with Keith, his wife Laura and one of the stars of Shadow People, Justin Klemann, for this Shaun is honoured and grateful to be a part of Tornspace Films.


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